How do i hook up an antenna to a projector

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How to Connect to an Epson Projector

Hello all, Apologies if this thread has been here before, I searched avs and only found 1 similar older thread without an answer. So my wife and I dropped cable, and currently have an "HD" antenna hooked directly into the TV to watch cable.

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We will be moving and would like to avoid getting cable, we really only watch nbc, fox, local channels, etc Is there any sort of device that has a coax in for the antenna to HDMI or Component out to watch tv on the projector? I searched some convertors but didnt really find anything that might do it. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!

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That box should work fine. It has both HDMI and Component out to your projector and can receive all of the digital broadcast channels. You will also need to run either the spdif or rca cables to your audio system.

Thanks for the reply! Im trying to find reviews on that piece of equipment, but I think that should work ok.

How to Connect a Projector to a TV

Measure the distance from the permanently mounted projector location to the TV reception device in Step 2. Use an adequate length of shielded high definition video cable to run from the TV reception device to the projector mounting location. Because the home theater projector has no facility for audio output, make sure you make space for an audio control center and a surround sound speaker system. Attach HDMI-type gold anodized connectors to each end of the cable.

The gold anodized connectors and shielded HDMI cable minimize video signal line loss if the cable length is greater than 10 feet. Attach the connectors to the shielded cable using electronic flux solder. Plug all the units into AC power, then turn on and adjust the home theater projector resolution using the built-in tuning grid that's commonly found on higher-end units.

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If your unit doesn't have one, turn on the TV signal junction box and adjust resolution using the off-air TV signals. Joe Murray began writing professionally in As a technical writer, he authored white papers and articles for Hewlett Packard and Intel. Since retiring, Murray has written several home-exchange travel articles for KnowYourTrade. He holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Santa Clara University.

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Skip to main content. Tip The higher the quality of the projection screen and the lower the ambient light, the better the high definition resolution. Keep this in mind when selecting a location for your home theater projector.